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NEWGENE Covid-19 Antigen Detection Kit
Price RM5.50
Size (L x W x H) 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
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  • Easy to use
  • Test result within 15minutes
  • The best choice for senior citizens and children
  • Approved by KKM

Minimum 10x kits


DESCRIPTION: NEWGENE Covid-19 Antigen Detection Kit

  • Suitable for Professional Use & Home Use (Self Testing)
  • Fast Detection Results in 15min
  • Comes with Test Card, Paper Cup, Tube Cap, Sample Extracting Pipette, Buffer Tube, Biohazard Bag
  • Sampling Swab, Sample Extraction Tube
  • Global Recognition : Registered in 20 Countries
  • Exported to 50+ Countries
  • 17cm x 6.5cm Long Box Genuine & Authentic.Not Repack Short Box
  • 100% Authentic & Original with Money Back Guarantee
  • QR Code Stock Able to Scan and Check Authenticity


WHAT'S IN THE BOX: NEWGENE Covid-19 Antigen Detection Kit

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: 97.1% Sensitivity 98.47% Accuracy
SAMPLE TYPE: Can Use for Both Ways Nasal & Saliva


POSTIVE RESULT: If you see two red lines by C and T regions, it is a positive result. The lines can be distinct or faint. You are tested Covid-19 positive.

RT-PCR test is still required for a confirmation of a Covid-19 case. You are advised to seek medical attention immediately even though you might have no symptoms. Do follow the current SOP given.


NEGATIVE RESULT: If you see one red line by C, and no line by T, it is a negative result.

You probably do not have Covid-19. However, you are advised to continue monitoring for symptoms if you suspect you might be exposed to the virus as there is a chance for a false-negative result. If you develop symptoms later on, you are advised to do a RT-PCR test as confirmation.


INVALID RESULT: If you do not see any lines, or one line by T, it is an invalid result. The test did not work. You will need to do another test with a new test kit.


Administration Route: For External Use Only
STORE: Store in a dry place below 25˚C
SHELF LIFE: Check for the expiry date on the package
PRECAUTION: Keep it out of reach of children.    


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What's in the box

NEWGENE Covid-19 Antigen Detection Kit